2 thoughts on “E-CONFERENCE

  1. Congratulations to Adyopant legal, Atmabodh and Shri Vijay Mouirya Ji for organising such wonderful seminars. I am already looking forward to hear it today from the distinguished speakers.
    I also want to add that I will be interested in one question which is based on my direct experience. There was a revolution in Yoga that Yogic lessons were brought at your doorstep instead of you going to Yoga School. Baba Ramdev and Television were the change agents in this case. There was a revolution in Telecommunication that it reached each and every hand of entire population and communication became personal. The wireless technology and Global Mobile service were the change agent. Similarly, field of law is also staring at a revolution because there is more and more demand for justice and need is not getting fulfilled. What will be the outcome of this Revolution and who will bring this Revolution?
    That is my question.
    Wish you all the best


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