Disaster Relief

One of the early interventions of Atmabodh has been in disaster relief in the post-cyclone Odisha. Atmabodh mobilised the legal community in Delhi to raise funds for reconstruction of an educational institution. A team was dispatched to identify a school, which identified a primary girls school in district Jagatsinghpur. Subsequently, another team went back to organised and oversee the reconstruction. The local community participated by contributing their labour.

We continue to intervene in small but effective way with community involvement in post disaster scenarios. With the disaster management infrastructure in India becoming well oiled, our focus now is to empower the community to claim post disaster entitlements. For this we are identifying community based associations or emerging leaderships to undergo a training of trainers. Please contact us to nominate yourself or someone you think is fit for being a local trainer for “Realising the Rights of Disaster Victims”.

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