Handholding in Implementing Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013)

Enactment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 opened a new chapter in women empowerment in India. The Act has made the employers responsible for delivering gender justice to women at workplace. This is to be done by setting up of suitable internal policy framework relating to sexual harassment, constituting an Internal Complaints Committee to process complaints of sexual harassment at workplace and organising regular awareness workshops for all employees. Employers not implementing this Anti-Sexual Harassment legislation face many risks. Although, sections of the media has carried reports that the industry has not taken the anti-sexual harassment law seriously, it is equally true that many, if not most, employers are struggling to understand the impact of this important law for safe workplace and the ways and means to implement it. The government was at one point of time reported to be looking at cracking its whip against employers who have not implemented the anti-sexual harassment law. However, in the merging scenarios, post COVID-19, the priorities are likely to change. Yet, non-compliance with the POSH law will continue to pose a risk to any business. Therefore, for the betterment of all stakeholders, the employers, the employees and the society at large, it is important that the law is implemented in its letter and spirit.

Atmabodh is well equipped to assist employers in all aspects of implementation of the law against sexual harassment at workplace. Our approach blends social activism with legal pragmatism. Due to the strong connections with the legal as well as the academic community, Atmabodh is able to deliver training and consultancy which is one of its kind. The training modules have been developed by Adyopant Legal, a Delhi based Law firm after years of research and development. The training modules emphasise on practical playing out of the grievances relating to sexual harassment in the real life. The capacity building workshops are thoroughly participatory and aim to equip the participants with the relevant skills to act independently. The awareness level workshops aim to demonstrate the alternative viewpoints to the participants and prepare the participants for the actual play-out of the internal complaints or an external proceedings. The workshops use an engaging cocktail of methods like role plays, worksheets, simulation exercises, quizes to drive home the desired messages and information.

We conduct bespoke training for business leaders and senior managers to enable them to set up the internal policies required and to handhold them into a smooth and balanced functioning Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). We also conduct awareness level workshops/ e-workshops for employees. These workshops are conducted in knowledge partnership with a Delhi based law firm and draws upon the numerous advocate members of Atmabodh.

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