Atmabodh’s Access to Justice Information Gateway (AAJIG)

Atmabodh has established a web resource guide for access to justice and shall keep improving and updating it in all the year round. A team of volunteers under the editorial control of Dr. Maurya Vijay Chandra, Advocate and Partner, Adyopant Legal is currently maintaining this web page c. We also plan to develop a training module and conduct workshops for practitioners in the field of access to justice.  AAJIG aspires to become a hub of information relating to access to justice policies and programmes in India and the wider world.

This Webpage is being progressively developed. As such we would be grateful if you could send us [mail to] any relevant link.

 Access to Justice Resources on India

 Right of victims of disastersRight to Relief

National Legal Services Authority 

Kerala State Legal Services Authority

Haryana State Legal Services Authority


Legal Aid Movement In India – Its Development And Present Status



 Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative 



World Resources on Access to Justice


The World Bank Group has a wealth of material on access to justice. Resources relating to Access to justice can be found at three different locations. The Legal and Judicial Reform page; Legal Institutions of Market Economy Page; and the Justice for the Poor page of the World Bank.


UNDP has good resources on access to justice that can be accessed through its Oslo Governance Centre Website.


Public interest Law Initiative has extensive materials on its resources page.


USAID had downloadable resources on rule of law and access to justice within the documents on governance indictors and conceptual framework of democratic governance. Visit Site…


DFID has a couple of publications that can also be downloaded. Visit Site…


Pine Tree Legal Assistance has a useful collection of material on Legal Aid Around the World

United Nations Organisation also has a wealth of material on Access to justice.

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