Intellectual Property Rights Awareness and Consultation Campaign

Atmabodh brings free intellectual property rights consultation for NGOs in the Delhi area.

Does your NGO have IPRs (Trademark, Copyright, Design Rights, Proprietary Confidential Information, Patent etc). Can you earn money out of it? Can it be IP you have? spun off as an independent and sustainable project? How can you protect the These and many more questions can be answered in your free consultation.

The campaign will be for a 30 days period from 25th March to 24th April. NGOs with activities in the NCR region are eligible to book a consultation under this campaign. Each consultation will be for a maximum of 30 minutes and will have to be booked at least one day in advance, depending upon availability of slots. The campaign has the technical support of Adyopant Legal, a Delhi based full-service law firm.

Book your appointment now by sending SMS “IPR” to 9811942958

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