Domestic Violence In Lock-Down: Lawyers can make a difference by embracing E-courts

“Domestic abuse cases rise as COVID-19 lockdown turns into captivity for many women”… women and their children could find it even harder to access safety and specialist support. … At least some cases relating to domestic violence or matrimonial matters may be easy to be concluded by e-hearings…Atmabodh has started onboarding lawyers in its network to argue in simulated court proceedings… Law in action is an equalising factor in such situations… lawyers must also embrace technology and offer hope to the weaker and make a positive difference in the society under stressful and unprecedented time.

FOR HOW LONG Can we afford to keep grievances of people in deep freezer?

cops beating up labourers… promised food packets not reaching the needy… procurement of faulty diagnostic kits and thermometers… Can we afford to keep these grievances of people in deep freezer? … With a good part of the economy still running and being bound to run, justice cannot be pushed to the backstage… Not many seem to be visibly worried about the plight of the litigants, for whom they exist as a professional.

Delivering Contactless Legal Services: Let us make a start

I propose to follow a gradual and do-able path to the objective of contactless courts in India. … A beginning can be made by constituting a special contactless court roster of the Hon’ble Judges who are adept in paperless proceedings. The Registry can invite counsels who are interested in having their cases listed before the contactless benches and can handle arguments from their tablets to submit their requests for hearing. … Legal aid cases can be ear-marked for such hearing and a special panel of legal aid counsels and state counsels who opt for this mode of hearing can be prepared. … to start with, all jail appeals and second appeals where paper-books are ready and have been scanned for e-courts can be taken up.